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Deg Thai Food Truck Wants Nashville to Thai One On!

Just like the regional differences in food across the United States, the countries of Asia use similar ingredients to come up with totally unique dishes. Asian fusion is a huge foodie trend and Deg Thai puts out their own vision of Thai with a Twist! All of the Thai food characteristics are there: spicy or hot, aromatic, fresh! The selections offered by Deg Thai twists Thai traditional dishes to please the American palate.

On a recent road trip, I hooked up with Deg Thai in Nashville. I’ve had some pretty great Vietnamese based Asian Fusion and some killier Korean Asian Fusion but this is the first time I’ve run across Thai food from a food truck. The hard part was deciding what to order. The solution? Order LOTS of stuff!!

When undecided, order a complete meal but piecing together a little bit of this and a little bit of that ….. Here’s my Deg Thai meal.

The Tiger Tear Salad features tender strips of beef on a bed of fresh on a bed of fresh lettuce with veggies all drizzled with a spicy vinaigrette dressing. cool, refreshing, flavors bursting out all over … what a great way to start the meal. And the leftovers presented intensified flavor that still blend together in a delicate balance!


The Deg Thai Massaman Wrap was voted the 2012 Best Sandwich in Nashville and one bite will tell you why. The aroma wafts up to tease your senses, the flavors burst across your taste buds and the spiciness starts slow and build’s, never overpowering the fabulous blend of flavors and textures. If you’ve never had a Massaman Wrap, look up Deg Thai and start with the best!

There’s an obvious reason the Deg Thai Massaman Wrap was voted Best Sandwich in Best of Nashville food trucks.


One of the most recognizable Thai dishes is their curry plate. I had to have the Red Curry on the menu. Ka-Ching!! Another winner. Put together some mixed asian vegetables, add some tender beef strips and cover it with a red curry sauce. Pair it with some of the lightest, tenderest white rice I’ve ever had and … Ahhhhhh.

Red Curry


You have to have something special to wash it all down and the Thai Iced Tea was as colorful as it was cold and fresh. I can’t tell you why but the color was a more intense orange than normal. This a a sweet drink and the contrast to the spicy foods was just what the chef ordered.

Thai Ice Tea


If you’re in the mood for an old favorite or a new adventure in food, you can find the Deg Thai Food Truck by following them on Facebook or Twitter.


This is what the menu looked like the day I visited but you can get the full menu on the website for Deg Thai. Or maybe you want to book them for a private event or party. You can do that on the website, too!!


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